Students honor local heroes for 9-11 anniversary

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - At Delshire Elementary local heroes were celebrated for their dedication and bravery Friday.

"Does anybody know why we're talking about heroes this week?" Sarah Bertke asked of her third grade class.

For some students, they say they have seen all of the graphic video. Others know very little about the events being remembered this weekend.

"We're really trying to be patriotic and not so much focus on the tragedy of 9-11," Bertke emphasized.

They know, however, that it is important to let the students talk it out.

"Raise your hand if you've heard about September 11th," Bertke called out as hands began popping up into the air.

"This bad guy, he trained these other bad people to rob a plane and crash it into stuff," third grader Natalie Applegate said. "When that happened everyone thought it was an accident but when the second one hit they knew that they did it on purpose."

Natalie's sister Sydeny's birthday is on 9-11, she turned one when the towers fell.

"Many people died and sacrificed their lives," Sydney acknowledged.

Friday the students also recognized a man who has been making sacrifices since that day, Sgt. First Class William Deubber.

"He is my dad and he is really good at being a soldier," third grader Frankie Deubber said looking up at his dad.

William just got back home Friday after one year on tour in Iraq. Friday he was honored alongside the other local heroes of the day with poems, letters, and songs.

"I find it hard to believe that a lot of these kids in these schools have no memory of the day because they weren't born at that time," firefighter Michael Bredestege said. "I remember my son's youngest memories of that day were 'Daddy, why are there so many planes flying in to buildings?"

"It's kind of a mixed feeling because you feel for your brother officers and firefighters that sacrificed their lives for the events that happened that day," Delhi police officer Darryl Haussler said. "But at the same time it's a sense of pride."