Cov-Cath honors Number 81 at football game

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A former 3-sport star and football captain, Brian Williams wore the number 81at Cov-Cath. He died September 11th inside the World Trade Center. The school honored him Friday night at their football game versus Boone County.

Cov-Cath students were fired-up, cheering wildly and sporting the number 81 shirts honoring Brian Williams and letting Boone County know loudly, they came to win.

Back when Williams played for Cov-Cath, a little 9-year-old boy named Joe Danneman was in the stands, to witness Williams, make a huge play.

"1989 he was a star tight end at Covington Catholic High School," said Danneman, recounting the game as if it was yesterday. "It was a Friday night, traditional season opener, it was always Cov-Cath versus Boone County, Cov-Cath's down a point late in the game, they have one person to go to, it's Brian Williams, the star tight end, catches a pass, goes 30 or 40 yards to the following end zone, the south end zone at Boone County High School. It was a rainy night and Brian Williams was the hero."

Even though senior Eric Frondorf never knew Williams, he's proud to wear his number.

"Everybody in the cheering section is wearing them," said Frondorf. "They handed them out today at our pep rally that we had."

We spoke with Brian's dad Ken Williams, back in May, about his son, just when the news broke, of Osama Bin Laden's death.

"I think Brian's in a place where it's just sweet and I don't think he cares," laughed Williams with a big smile. "I think he's very happy up there."

We spoke with Ken and Kate Williams Thursday, as they were packing to go to New York City, to be a part of the 10-year anniversary. We wish them safe travels there and back home.

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