Cadaver dogs help with search for Katelyn Markham

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) -- The search for Katelyn Markum is now getting help from the STARR search team out of South Carolina, they're unleashing their canine unit using cadaver dogs in the search.

Buddy, a 4-year-old pitbull, is the latest tool searchers are using the help find Markum.
"High energy, high drive dogs, trained in the odor of human remains, cadaver," said Steve Pearrow.
Pearrow and Christen Adkins have been training buddy with the STARR team as a cadaver dog nearly a year.
"They can clear a lot of area, they can cover, and their senses are a lot more heightened then ours are, and they can be a very useful tool as far as finding the lost or missing," Adkins said.
To keep buddy alert in between searches volunteers create what's called a "hide" for the dog to find.
"It's a hide we have out just to get him some training, he searches all day, he doesn't find anything, we've got to be able to get him back out here get him rewarded to keep him going," Pearrow said.
For buddy it's just a game, but for volunteers it's game changer in their search.
"When we deploy these dogs, they don't actually know that, that's what they're looking for, they're looking for the toy, and when they alert or indication, then they're rewarded by that toy," Pearrow said.
The STARR team will be in Fairfield until Sunday.

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