Tea Party members gather to watch GOP debate

The G.O.P held another debate Monday night sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express. G.O.P candidates talked about everything from job creation to illegal immigration.

Nearly 400 Tea Party members gathered at Bar Seventy One to watch the debate. Mots people in attendance were undecided on which candidate they will support in 2012.

"I am leaning toward Rick Santorum because he is the most conservative in my view but I have been on the fence a little," said Susan Haines.

voters at the watch party may have differing opinions on the best presidential candidate but there is one thing that everyone in attendance agreed on, the United States is headed in the wrong direction under the current administration.

"I'm fearful for our country and for the whole world because our country is following Europe and we are going to have the same problems that they are having right now," said Kay Patten.

"We've got some serious issues facing our country and the person who is going to run against Barack Obama is going to be asked to do an awful lot in getting our country back on track," said Mike Wilson with the Cincinnati Tea Party. "I think it's important that they are better vetted than President Obama was."

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