SWAT standoff ends

OVER THE RHINE, OH (FOX19) - The Swat standoff in Over the Rhine has ended with the arrest of a man holed up in the bathroom of an apartment at 13th and Broadway.

The situation began around 1AM Tuesday with a street robbery. According to police, two people on bicycles committed a robbery at 14th and Walnut.

Police say the robbery victims knew where one of the suspects lived so they retaliated with gun fire.  One woman was shot in the arm and another man was shot in the leg.

The SWAT team arrived on the scene of the apartment around 5AM. A few arrests were made and the apartment was cleared of all residents.

However, police discovered a locked bathroom door inside one of the apartments and believe someone was holed up inside.

The SWAT standoff ended peacefully just before 6:30AM with the arrest of the man who had open warrants.  His involvement, if any, with the robbery and subsequent shooting is not known.