Emotional plea for safety changes on Columbia Parkway following August crash

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The safety of Columbia Parkway was a topic of discussion at a Cincinnati City Council Committee meeting Tuesday. This after a serious car crash on August 16 that injured a Cincinnati Police Sergeant and three others.

Lois Schaeper, the wife of Sergeant Ron Schaeper, criticized the city for talking about putting in a street car system when, according to her, tax dollars could be spend to save lives on Columbia Parkway. "Public safety is an issue. It could have been any one of your spouses. It could have been your children. Could have been anybody," said Schaeper.

Officials say the problem with Columbia Parkway is drivers speeding well over the 45 mile per hour limit, and, the lack of room to pull vehicles off to the side of the road in emergency situations. Cincinnati Police Lieutenant John Cordova said, "We are thinking of new an innovative ways to conduct speed enforcement and working with traffic engineering to help and aid us in traffic enforcement." Suggestions to fix Columbia Parkway include installing rumble strips and erecting some type of median to separate the east and west bound lanes.

"My husband's been fighting for his life since the accident happened," said Schaeper "He's recovering. He said my name today for the first time."

The motion by the committee called for a task force to study safety on Columbia Parkway. Cincinnati Transportation Department Director, Michael Moore is expected to release his recommendations to the committee in a few weeks.

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