Ohio's new proposed Congressional map for 2012; Warren County reacts

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - On Tuesday, the Ohio Legislature unveiled the proposed new Ohio Congressional map, containing 16 Congressional districts, down from the 18 of 2010. A vote could come Wednesday from an Ohio House Committee on whether to approve the Republican-backed plan.

Democrats and voter advocacy groups criticized the map for splitting Ohio's 88 counties in as many as 63 places and creating oddly shaped districts.

Because of the census, Ohio lost two Congressional seats. Click on the map and view the PDF of the new districts. Also, there is a PDF of the detail of each of the 16 districts.

This proposal means that currently one Democratic seat will be lost and one Republican seat will be lost.

Chair of the Warren County Democratic Party Beth Goldenfield and other member are trying to wrap their hands around the realities of the new redistricting, which they say gives democrats less control in the county.
"It's just a purely partisan power grab to redistrict it as friendly as possible for republicans," Goldenfield said.
Goldfield calls it a product of political posturing, which she says adds insult to injury in a county where republicans outnumber Democrats in a nearly 70 to 30 split at the polls.
"And it takes the voters who are really strongly Republican from Warren County and gives them to Steve Chabot, which again improves his chances of victory," Goldenfield said.
Warren County Republican Party Chairman David Fornshell says it's not so much the redistricting benefiting the GOP in Warren county, as it is Warren County benefiting the redistricting.
"Any candidate that gets Warren County as part of their district, that's a very, very strong Republican area, and they can count on a lot of Republican votes," Fornshell said.

Ohio will have eighteen Electoral College votes as a result - still a valued prize for Presidential elections.

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