Over 200,000 people swam in Cincinnati's Pools this summer

Over a quarter of a million people swam in Cincinnati's pools after funds were raised to keep them open.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and Stan Chesley thanked the city of Cincinnati for making sure the 26 pools remained open and the swimming season was extended to 10 weeks. Chesley lead the effort and over $417,000 was raised in donations. Mayor Mallory added $600,000 in city funds.

"This summer was hot, and we made sure that our young people had a place to cool off," Mayor Mallory said. "This was evidence of how generous our community is.  People know that recreation is an absolute priority for our City."

City Council originally decided to cut the pool's funding from the budget, but changed their minds. Chesley raised $239,725 from local corporations, foundations, individuals, and City employee unions. Residents from the "Save the Pools" campaign raised over $116,326 from fundraisers, and the Cincinnati Recreation Committee (CRC) raised an additional $61,055.

"This summer was the best example of what makes our City great," said Chesley. "The combination of City Council and private sector funds enabled us to open 26 pools this summer, the most pro-rata pools of any city in the United States. This was one of the hottest summers on record, and we had no negative incidents, and no contaminations."

"We must make sure that this continues to be a priority for our community and its children who have this rite of summer, and we cannot wait until the last minute to fund this, one of the most important projects for our City," Chesley continued.  "I thank all corporations and private citizens who make this possible."

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