UC students begin moving onto campus

UC is again preparing for record enrollment as students begin moving onto campus on Thursday.

Hundreds of volunteers are expected to assist students as they're moving in. UC's 11-year Helping Hands program – represented by around 300 UC staff, administrators and faculty – will help unload vehicles, provide directions and offer a cool drink of water to students and their parents as the move-in gets underway.

In addition, approximately 300 student members of Resident Education and Development's Hall Opening Team will assist students moving into the residence halls and offer any student perspectives on questions the incoming students may have.

September figures suggest that UC could see a total enrollment of more than 42,750 students – up 3.4 percent from last year's record-breaking enrollment.

The freshman class, projected to number as high as 6,200, is up nearly four percent from last fall.

In addition, the university is seeing a growth in international students.

Jonathan Weller, director of UC International Admissions, says UC is expecting around 150 new international undergraduate students this fall, with confirmations up around 50 percent from last year. UC is anticipating a total international student population of 2,291, up more than nine percent from last fall.

This week is International Student Welcome Week. One of the highlights takes place on Thursday. Athletics Fun day will introduce international students to UC's campus and athletic traditions. Students will play soccer, learn cornhole and meet student athletes and coaches.

UC's international student population represents 110 countries, which the largest population coming from India. The larges undergraduate population is from China.

Because of the housing demand on the Uptown Campus for out-of-town freshmen, UC's Office of Housing and Food Services arranged to master-lease 100 beds at Sterling McMillan University Housing apartments near campus and is adding resident advisors to assist students. The apartments are located on the UC Shuttle run to campus. On-campus housing is filled at 4,000, including approximately 800 returning students.

University of Cincinnati Information Technologies (UCIT) over the summer installed Internet access points to ensure that all residence halls have 100 percent wireless Internet coverage beginning this fall. The updates are part of the UC 2019 Academic Plan to eventually create a campus that is 100 percent wireless.

Classes at UC begin Sept. 21.

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