Mayor Mallory throws support behind President's plan to save jobs

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Mayor Mark Mallory promises there will not be any lay offs in 2011 for Cincinnati police and firefighters.

To secure those jobs for 2012, the Mayor is hoping Congress will pass the President's American Jobs Act before the end of the year. If passed the bill would provide $5 billion for local first responders.

"Hopefully with this bill, this will be what we need, the crutch that we need to get through 2012," said Matt Alter, Local 48 Vice President.

The Cincinnati Police Department has not hired since 2008, one of the reasons FOP Union President Kathy Harrell, says the city needs this money to keep officers on the street.

"We're down 101 police officers right now since January 2010, violence has increased. We need money brought into the city of Cincinnati to make sure the public safety forces are where they're at as well as being able to be increased in the future," says Harrell.

However, the promise of federal funding is too risky for some City Council members.

"It can get yanked and that's our concern. Every time we talk about federal funding for anything in the city, you know there's always a time it can go away," says councilwoman Leslie Ghiz.

President Obama is making a trip to the Tri-State next week to rally support for The American Jobs Act.

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