Emergency personnel take part in CVG disaster drill

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - A practice emergency drill simulating an airline incident took place at CVG on Friday.

The full-scale drill involved airport personnel, over 80 Fire and EMS departments, the Red Cross, hundreds of volunteers and multiple hospitals and police departments.

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"Safety and security of our passengers, customers and employees is our number one priority," said Tim Zeis, Chief Operating Officer for CVG. "CVG became the first airport in the country to receive Safety Act Designation and Certification from the Department of Homeland Security, giving the airport the highest level of protections under the Act."

"This drill is truly a regional effort to evaluate the Airport's and the community's emergency training to respond to an aircraft incident," added Zeis. "We want to thank all those that give their time to participate in this drill and improve the training and preparedness of CVG and the Tri-State."

The Federal Aviation Administration requires a full scale disaster exercise be held every three years. The drill is in addition to regular training exercises to ensure emergency personnel at the Airport, and in the local community, have the proper tools and training to respond to an event.

"The Disaster Committee, made up of members from the Airport, local police and fire departments, county emergency management departments, doctors, hospitals and non-profit agencies, works year round planning and coordinating for this drill," said Chief Listerman, Fire Chief for CVG. "They are all dedicated professionals giving of their time to better prepare this Region for an emergency event."

The scenario for the drill involved a large scale aircraft emergency focusing on the rapid treatment and transport of injured passengers; played by the role of over 100 local volunteers. "It trains the firefighters just in case this was to happen that they have the skills to do the first aid and stuff," said Jimmy Andrae, a volunteer who came out because he hopes to someday be a firefighter.

Rescue personnel responded to the scene to assess and treat the injured passengers and transport them to the surrounding hospitals as if this were an actual emergency.

"Time is of the essence and these opportunities to practice lets us see where we can improve on those times and responders appreciate the chance to come out and get familiar with the airport grounds which we don't get a chance to see on a routine basis," said Jeff Barlow, Burlington fire chief.

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