Council candidate handing out free bananas, asking Chiquita to stay

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Cincinnati city council candidate will be handing out free bananas on Friday in an effort to get Chiquita to stay in Cincinnati.

P.G. Sittenfeld will be downtown during lunch hour handing out the bananas, which have a sticker saying, "Chiquita, don't give Cincinnati the slip."

"Jobs must be the top priority for our community, and that means holding on to those jobs that are already here," Sittenfeld said. "Chiquita needs to know we want to work together so that their 330 employees can remain in Cincinnati."

Sittenfeld is calling for City Council to hold public hearings about how it can propose an attractive offer to the international fruit and vegetable giant.

Officials in North Carolina's largest city are offering millions of dollars if Chiquita Brands International relocates its headquarters from Cincinnati.

Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have each decided to offer $1 million in incentives, with the state adding another $2 million.

Chiquita also considered moving its headquarters from Cincinnati in 2005, but stayed in Ohio.

Sittenfeld is taking the leftover bananas and making banana bread to send to the CEO of Chiquita, encouraging them to stay.

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