Tough Questions with Jerry Springer

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Friday night, Jerry Springer was back in the Queen City showing his support for democratic city council candidates Jason Riveiro and Yvette Simpson.

He also was speaking out against Ohio House Bill 194.

"What I detest the most is the intent," said Springer. "The idea that politicians in America would make it more difficult for Americans to vote is so despicable. These same politicians send our sons and daughters half way around the world to fight and die so people in Iraq and Afghanistan can vote, then they come back here and make it more difficult for American's to vote."

Springer started in politics as a Cincinnati City Councilman and Mayor, but has made a very good living with his off the wall television show.

So how does Springer think he is perceived by the public?

"I think they think I'm crazy, which I am," said Springer. "We are now in the 21st year of my show and they show is stupid I have always said that and people enjoy it. It's my job and I am hired to do it."

And does Jerry Springer have a future political career?

"I think about it all the time because everyday someone is asking me, so of course it is on my mind," said Springer. "But as I get older it becomes less and less likely. Would I say that I would never return to Cincinnati or get involved with politics, no I'm not going to say that it is always possible."