11 Butler Co. parents targeted for nonsupport

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency is currently distributing a wanted poster featuring 11 parents who are not paying their court ordered support.

These individuals collectively owe more than $215,000 in back child support.

The agency uses the poster as a tool to locate offenders and increase public awareness of child support issues. The featured individuals have felony arrest warrants.

"The wanted poster is an opportunity for us to highlight several individuals who are neglecting their parental responsibilities," said Butler County CSEA Executive Director Raymond Pater. "Over the years, the poster has been a great tool at not only tracking down and arresting offenders, but also bringing the importance of child support to the forefront."

The agency has located 167 featured parents since it published its first wanted poster in 1995. This most recent poster is the agency's twenty-sixth poster.

The agency is sending the posters to approximately 200 locations, which include post offices, other child support agencies, businesses, banks, courts, etc.

Individuals must meet the following criteria before the CSEA will place them on a wanted poster:

  • Must be subject to a support order
  • Must be an attempt to enforce the order through a court-ordered procedure
  • CSEA must not know or be able to verify the parent's residence
  • The parent must not be a known welfare recipient
  • CSEA must not have evidence that the parent has filed bankruptcy
  • The residential parent (person who receives child support) must give written authorization to include the other party on the poster 
  • A legal representative of the CSEA must review the case and the CSEA must be able to obtain a description and/or photograph of the parent

If you recognize a person featured on the poster and would like to report information on that individual, please call the agency's 24-hour tip line at (513) 785-5750 or send an anonymous tip from the agency's Web site – www.butlercountycsea.org.

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