Omnicare's move met with varying reactions

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Omnicare's decision to move to Cincinnati has been met with varying reactions on either side of the river.

"I'm for making Ohio cool in addition to job friendly and I think Omnicare is a perfect example of a healthcare company that is on the cutting edge," Governor John Kasich said.

"We agree on the fact that this is cool," Mayor Mark Mallory agreed. "This is Omnicare moving to Cincinnati, moving to the state of Ohio. There's no disagreement here."

The move is not cool, however, according to many of the people living in Covington.

"These are tough times for all governments in our economy and losing a major employer… it hurts," said Covington City Manager Larry Klein.

"We're not out there targeting Kentucky or their jobs or anybody else," Governor Kasich said. "What we're doing here in Ohio is working to create an environment where we are in fact jobs friendly, open for business. It doesn't mean you give away the store."

They did offer enough to beat out the millions in Kentucky tax incentives and the best economic incentive offer ever on the table in Covington.

"At the end of the day we couldn't match what the state of Ohio could do," Klein said.

"There's no delight in seeing jobs come from somewhere else where people lose them," Kasich said. "At the same time we're creating an environment here were things are happening."

"Every business, every job counts," Klein acknowledged. "It's not just additional revenue for the city it's additional customers for our small businesses in the city."

Behle Street Cafe, which sits just a block down from Omnicare's current headquarters expects to feel some impact.

"We're hoping that because we've had the relationship we've had with them that we'll continue to have a good relationship," manager Julie Cook said. "But obviously there's going to be places for them to dine in Cincinnati."

She says it is critical that city officials find someone to fill the void left by Omnicare.

"Hopefully it will make Covington step up and find someone to take that place or fight harder to keep what they have here," Cook said.

With unemployment still high in Ohio, the fight is not over there either.

"We have a long way to go," Kasich admitted. "We were in a very weak position. But we're up on the horse now and we're beginning to ride."

The company plans to begin their move in December and complete it in April.

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