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Little enforcement for Ohio headlight law

The Ohio headlight law has been in effect since January of 2010. The law states that if your windshield wipers are on, you must turn on your headlights.

"I didn't know you could break the law if your lights weren't on and your wipers were," said Lindsey Fiehrer.

The law is a secondary offense, meaning officers can't stop a car for this violation, but can cite the driver if they were stopped for another violation. Many local police departments admit the law is rarely enforced.

"As a secondary law, it's probably no enforced a lot by law enforcement, because when it is raining we are trying to keep an eye on the roadway ourselves," said Lt. Brian Curlis, Monroe Police Dept. "But it is a law and you need to be aware of it because it is to protect citizens."

Lieutenant Curlis says his department hasn't given a citation to someone violating the headlight law.

But violators can face up to a $150 fine if issued a citation.

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