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City Gospel Mission another step closer to moving


Deconstruction is underway at the site of the new City Gospel Mission in Queensgate.

A local deconstruction company, Building Value, is in charge of the project and works to salvage construction materials to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. "30 percent of landfills across the country are full of C & D, that's construction and demolition waste," says Building Value director Jerry Janszen.

"We will be salvaging the bricks, the mortar will be re-used, there are dozens of metal doors and door frames which we will pull out for re-use," says Janszen.

Building Value is also putting people back to work. 21-year-old Akeem Hill has been training on the job for six months and is about to start an internship with Messer Construction.

"It kind of fit with where I wanted to go, it seemed like the perfect place for me to come get some good hands on experience," says Hill.

City Gospel Mission is currently located in Over-the-Rhine and will double in size based on its new location in Queensgate.

"We'll be able to do case management, counseling and really work individuals towards life change so that they can become successful life citizens in society," says Sherman Bradley with the mission.

Deconstruction will take about a week but the entire project could come to a halt based on a pending lawsuit.

The area City Gospel Mission is expected to build is within an industrial zone which nearby businesses say does not allow special assistance shelters.

The group behind the suit, Queensgate Zoning, says Cincinnati City Council and the developer 3CDC ignored the longstanding industrial zone and believes the current situation is unconstitutional.

"The entire plan of development of this site does not conform to state or local law," says Peter Koenig. Koenig represents two of the local businesses within Queensgate Zoning and is confident his clients will win their case.

A court hearing is schedule for Friday October 7 at 11 a.m. at the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas.

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