POW/MIA flags being flown at Ohio rest areas thanks to Clermont Co. mother

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - A Clermont County mother has found another way for POW-MIA's to be remembered.

Carolyn Maupin's son, Matt, was captured in Iraq in 2004 when his convoy was attacked. He remained missing for four years until his body was recovered in 2008.

Carolyn Maupin said she noticed that American flags and Ohio flags were flying at Ohio rest stops, but POW-MIA flags were not, and she wanted to change that.

In a ceremony held outside Columbus this past week, a new flag was raised at an Ohio rest area for the first time.

"Maybe a child or even an adult would be standing there by the flagpole and say, 'I don't even know what that flag means,'" said Maupin. "And maybe myself or someone else would be there to say, 'Hey I do. let me tell you about it.'"

She recently contacted state authorities and asked for the flags to be added. It may seem like a small thing, but it's not to Maupin.

"I'm hoping that it will educate people as well as be a remembrance," she said.

She says the sacrifice of POW-MIA's and their families is uniquely hard and heartbreaking.

"It's not easy. Believe me. The journey has been hard," she said. "It was hard while Matt was captured and it's still hard. Because one of my children..is not with me. And that's very hard each day."

She hopes this one small addition will remind others to pause and pay their respect.

A bill has also been introduced in the Ohio state legislature that would make it law that POW-MIA flags be flown at those rest areas at all times.

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