It's 'Wear your bike helmet to work or school day'

The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) has declared Wednesday, Sept. 21 as "Wear Your Bike Helmet to Work or School Day."

The statewide public awareness campaign's goal is to encourage adults and children to wear their helmets and kicks off the Put a Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness campaign.

As part of the public awareness campaign, the Ohio AAP has joined with other organizations throughout the state to start the Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Coalition and is working with Ohio legislators, pediatricians and children's hospitals to distribute bike helmets throughout the month of September.

In 2010, the number of people injured by not wearing a bike helmet was 51,000, and apart from the automobile, bicycles are tied to more childhood injuries than any other consumer product including trampolines, ladders and swimming pools.

"Parents who model wearing their bike helmet increase the likelihood of a child wearing their helmet, so this day is not only to get children to wear their helmets, but also to allow them to see adults in all walks of life wearing their helmets proudly," said Melissa Wervey Arnold, Executive Director for the Ohio AAP. "And, because about three out of four children ride bicycles regularly, we are working hard to increase bike helmet usage statewide."

Universal use of bicycle helmets by children ages 4 to 15 could prevent between 135 and 155 deaths, between 39,000 and 45,000 head injuries and between 18,000 and 55,000 scalp and face injuries annually.

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