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Tea party members react to President Obama's visit as hundreds wait for tickets at PBS

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) -- Local Tea Party members in West Chester say President Obama's visit to the Queen City is nothing more than an effort towards keeping his crown as president.

"He needs to come here and sell the Obama brand and I think that's principally why he's come here," said George Nafziger of the West Chester Tea Party.

"Certainly there is political implication here, because Ohio is a swing state -- it's important for him to make that sell in this state," said Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council.
But, Tea Party members say no matter how hard the President tries to sell his jobs plan to the tri-state, they aren't buying it.
"They feel they pay enough taxes and they're not interested in paying anymore, they think that the proper approach to the deficit is to cut spending, not increase taxes on an already over burdened tax base," Nafziger said.
As members make calls to constituents ahead of the Novembers ballot, they say it's clear the President's job plan and debt solutions aren't in sync with citizens.
"Basically what he's proposing is that I walk into a bank, and I take money from someone who has a lot of money," Littleton said.
While infrastructure investments on projects like the Brent Spence Bridge are critical, Tea Party member says it's only a small piece of the puzzle towards bridging the gap in our economy.
"A long term fix to the economy, again, is not just a temporary fix to a bridge, which I think no one's is going to argue with an investment into infrastructure, but that's not permanently addressing any of the problems faced by our nation, but he's going to try and sell it that way, and I don't think that's accurate in any way, shape or form," Littleton said.
Meanwhile, hundreds of people stood in line in the rain at Paul Brown Stadium Wednesday afternoon before tickets to the President's event were handed out. "I am thrilled to be here. I'm thrilled to see President Obama since Ault Park in 2008, said Jodi Billerman of Liberty Township. "I'm excited about hearing his plan to reinvigorate the infrastructure here. The Brent Spence Bridge obviously is in need of some work," she said.
President Obama is scheduled to speak at 2:30 PM Thursday at Hilltop Concrete off Mehring Way.

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