Sen. Paul promotes repair plan to President Obama

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Senator Rand Paul was with President Barack Obama Thursday, while they examined the Brent Spence Bridge. Paul also promoted his plan to help other projects in desperate need of repair.

The senator's Emergency Transportation Safety Fund Act will create an emergency bridge fund. Money for the fund will come from projects like turtle tunnels, squirrel sanctuaries, movie theaters and flower beds. It will direct the Highway Funds Administrator to develop a national priority list for bridges.

Senator Paul spoke with FOX19 and said that by diverting funds from low priority projects there would be no increase in federal spending. He says another feature of the bill is that it plays no favorites. Projects would be placed on a nationwide list based on their impact and urgency.

"If the President and the Administration are serious about fixing bridges, they will consider this plan as the best approach to saving our most necessary infrastructure," said Senator Paul.

The senator says the measure would replace a program that spends federal highway dollars on projects such as landscaping, scenic beautification and billboard removal.

On Friday, Senator Paul will go to Louisville to join Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez at the Sherman Minton Bridge to present them with the plan.

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