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Pets can have allergies too

Just as sure as they can bark, man's best friend can suffer from seasonal allergies just like we do. And for pets, it's the same stuff that bothers us - grass, trees, weeds and anything that has pollen.

Dr. Scott Pawling with the West Park Animal Hospital sees many dogs and cats suffering from allergies.

"Everyday, multiple times a day, we'll see...especially dogs, that are itchy and have hot spots and soars," said Dr. Pawling.

For dogs, it's mostly skin allergies. The warning signs - lots of hair loss, red spots, itching - which if not treated, can turn into soars.

Cats can have the same skin allergies, but also have some of the same symptoms that people do - sneezing, watery eyes and trouble breathing.

There are medications that can help your pets if they suffer from allergies. But it all comes down to catching it early and getting your pet help as soon as you notice an issue.

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