Bengals fans react to players' drug allegations

CRESTVIEW HILLS, KY (FOX19) - Police in California and Northern Kentucky are investigating a shipment of marijuana that ended up at the Crestview Hills home owned by Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson.

Authorities in California spotted a package from a marijuana-distributing region that was addressed to Simpson's home, which they say contained about two and a half pounds of marijuana.

They let the package continue its journey so they could see what happened with it, and contacted the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport police. Airport spokesperson Barb Schempf says the police completed the delivery to Simpson's home; he was there at the time. They then asked him for permission to search the home, which he granted.

Offensive lineman Anthony Collins was in the home at the time of the delivery and was also questioned.

The news of the investigation is hitting the Who-dey nation with little shock or surprise.

"Unfortunately, it's kind of what you expect these days," says Bengals fan David Marcussen.

Nick Davis of Anderson Township says the allegations are disappointing and players should be role models.

"As an athletic professional, he should be setting the example, leading by example so it's obviously not what they're doing," says Davis.

Even loyal Bengals supporters are having a hard time standing up for their favorite team.

"I defend my Bengals everywhere I go, but I can't defend behavior like this," says lifelong fan Randall Washington.

Neighbors of Simpson say they have not noticed anything suspicious or out of the ordinary and rarely see the players at home.

Michelle Gregory, press information officer for the California Department of Justice, says they found six more pounds of marijuana in the home, along with materials to distribute it.

No one has been arrested, though Gregory says Simpson and Collins were interviewed. They are continuing to talk to other police agencies and discuss who will investigate further and handle the prosecution. She says it very well could be a federal case, though local police could possibly handle it.

They say they are looking at some people on the California end as well, but do not know how many people are involved there.

Simpson was excused from practice on Thursday and Friday. His status for Sunday's game is unknown.

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