Miami University not hosting Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church protestors (file image)
Westboro Baptist Church protestors (file image)

Miami University officials say the school is no longer entertaining the thought of hosting a representative from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Earlier this week, FOX19 reported that the school was in the planning stages to bring the controversial group to campus.

Westboro is known for its protesting at military funerals and its strong opposition to homosexuality.

In a letter to the editor published by the Miami student newspaper, Interim Chair of Comparative Religion Steven Nims said his department had been discussing the possibility of holding an event in conjunction with a class on religious extremism that would use Westboro as a case study.

Nims said they were exploring the idea of interviewing a member of the group, and were not considering inviting the group to evangelize on campus.

"In light of the many concerns that have been expressed, we have decided not to proceed with plans regarding the Westboro Baptist Church," the letter states. "Although studying religious activists, religious extremists and religious militants is vitally important, we see the complexities that arise when this sort of research is done under the auspices of Miami University and we appreciate the potential negative impact on the Miami community."

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