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Fanboy in the Basement: Old Man Logan

Fanboy in the Basement: Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Let me start off with a side note.  Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch single handedly (or double handedly since it was two of them) redefined Captain America. In the Ultimates' version of WWII Captain America, he's not a guy running around in bright blue costume with teenage sidekick, knocking out German soldiers; he wore drab blue, carried a sidearm and a Tommy gun. He was a soldier and he killed the enemy. His sidekick wasn't a teenage fighter, but a photographer.  Their vision is the Cap you see now.


I mention this to emphasize vision. Now back to Old Man Logan.


The story takes place 50 years in the Marvel's future. And under the leadership of the Red Skull, a plan was devised to defeat the heroes.

"Why didn't we think of this years ago…"   says the Red Skull to a broken and defeated Captain America. "I knew you couldn't beat us if I ever got them organized." And he did, with multiple villains attacking one hero at a time, all the classic heroes fall. The United States is divided into sections. The west coast is Hulkland, (formerly the Abomination's territory). From Boise to Phoenix is The Kingdom of the Kingpin (and not Daredevil's Wilson Fisk) Dr. Doom received the bible belt from Minneapolis to Birmingham. And the Red Skull claimed the eastern seaboard.


Wolverine is no longer Wolverine; he is just Logan, pacifist with a wife and two children and a farm. Struggling to make ends meet, they miss a payment and the landowners, the Hulks, come to collect. Logan is beaten and must come up with double next month.


The blind, former Avenger, Hawkeye shows up with a proposition. He needs a navigator to New Babylon to make a delivery. The fee that they will receive will cover the past due and current amount owed to the Hulks.  With no other options, Logan agrees.


Their tour through the United States (or whatever it's called) shows how a villain run country is just evil upon evil. There is only misery and hopelessness.  The landscape is littered with remnants of valiant battles that were fought. Including; Pym's Fall, Connecticut and Hammer Falls, Arizona.  Hawkeye is under the impression that Logan's resolve for non-violence is only an act. But when they are attacked by the motorcycle gang the Ghost Riders, Hawkeye sees that Logan is truly a changed man. Logan reveals what transpired to keep him from popping his claws, and you see how broken he really is.


What I like best about this book is the villains won. It's not a story of a rag tag band of heroes getting back together and defeating evil. Evil won. In the city Hammer Falls (where Thor was defeated) many people come to pray. "This is where they come to pray that the super heroes come back," says Hawkeye. "You know…like the old days when they'd just rise from the dead with some cool new costume? Ain't gonna happen."  And the heroes that you do see are not heroes, but twisted copies.


The story has a western feel, with most scenes taking place in the desert with the gunman (or in this case, bow man) and his partner on a quest. And of course, by the end of the story, Logan becomes Wolverine again. But the story is mainly about the breaking point of every man or woman.


The most cleaver part of the story is the Hulks. Inbred cannibals that are the descendants of She-Hulk and Incredible Hulk (cousins); they live in a trailer park and have names like Otis, Charlie, Rufus, Beau, Luke, Billy- Bob, and Elrod. Bruce Banner is Pappy and walks around in a "wife beater."


Millar is a fan favorite with his over the top hyper violent stories. He keeps you wondering what broke Logan and when will we see Wolverine again. Steven McNiven art is very vivid, with the battle of the X-Men, the train and the "hick" looks of the Hulks.


If you're a fan or Millar or Wolverine, this is one of the essential reads.


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