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Fanboy in the Basement: Cowboys and Aliens

Fanboy in the Basement: Cowboys & Aliens

I was very excited to hear that Jon Favreau was bringing another comic book to the big screen. I loved Iron Man; I really, really liked Iron Man 2, so I put Cowboys and Aliens on my list of summer movies. As luck would have it, I was at my local comic shop, Mavericks Comic Book and Cards, and what do I happen to find in the graphic novel section, but a copy of Cowboys and Aliens written by Andrew Foley and Fred Van Lente;  art by Dennis Calero and Luciano Lima; and published by Platinum Studios.  When there's a movie based on a graphic novel and I'm not familiar with it, I try to read the story to see how far they stray from the source material. And if the trailer of Cowboys and Aliens is any indication of the story, they strayed a "fur piece." (That's cowboy talk for far)

The story is about two hired guns, Zeke Jackson and Verity Jones, escorting caravan of settlers. During the trip, the caravan led by Monsignor Patrick Breen, are attacked by Apache Indians.  During the ambush, both groups see an alien spacecraft crash land. The aliens, led by Commander Rado Dar decide to call in reinforcements and invade earth. The settlers, Zeke,Verity, the Indians and Commander Dar's assistant, Ra Chak Kai, who switches sides and falls in love with Zeke, are able to stop the attack.

There's a prologue with a parallel story about how Americans mistreated Native Americans and how the invading Aliens mistreat another alien race. And the derogatory statements that the cowboys make about the Indians, the aliens make the same statements about the cowboys, blah, blah, blah.

The story wasn't interesting in the least bit which is hard to believe since you have two genres that are completely different, rolled into one. The characters had no life; the story didn't flesh them out in any way or make me care about the situation. And the art work wasn't anything to write home to Jack Kirby about. I would have put money on the fact that Cowboys fighting Aliens would be a great story. Six shooters versus lasers, lasso versus…alien ropes. It's a great plot with a second rate story.

There is an alien shape shifter in the story. I only tell you this just in case a shape shifter shows up in the movie. The concept of Cowboys fighting aliens is a great film concept, not so much in the graphic novel department.

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