Family members suspect drugs in Franklin County deaths

Shed where one of the five bodies was found
Shed where one of the five bodies was found

LAUREL, IN (FOX19) - Family members and neighbors of five people found dead in Franklin County have a variety of theories about what happened, but no consensus about who's responsible.

Some speculated that drug activity, which they said had been prevalent in the area, may have been to blame.

Autopsies have been completed for four of the five victims. The fifth autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

No identification information will be released until the final autopsy is finished and next of kin have been notified.

Police say they received a call at around 1:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon when a couple found a 4-year-old girl walking along Stipps Hill Road without any adult supervision.

The couple called police, and after an investigation, officers were led to the 24000 block of Stipps Hill Road, where the bodies of two men and two women were found. In a recreational vehicle across the street, another man was found dead.

Indiana State Police say some of the victims were shot. The exact cause of death of the five has not been released.

Family members told The Associated Press that four of the victims were members of one family and included a man, his ex-wife and their two adult children.

Evelyn Renfro, who lives nearby, said her 43-year-old nephew, Henry Smith, was killed. She said she heard shots ring out around noon Sunday.

"Nobody went out because they were loading the cattle here and they didn't pay no attention to that," Renfro said.

She and her grandson, Ryan Renfro, said there had been some drug dealing in the normally quiet neighborhood. She said her nephew was not a member of the family involved in the killings.

Franklin County Sheriff Ken Murphy said that officers had responded to calls at that location in the past, but would not say the nature of the calls.

There is no word if the shooter is among those who died, or if that person is still on the loose. Sgt. Jerry Goodin with Indiana State Police said Monday that no manhunt was being conducted.

Police are warning nearby residents to be careful and to not answer the door for strangers.

"They should be vigilant," Goodin. "They need to make sure they keep the doors locked. If they see any suspicious people, absolutely they should dial 911."

Police say the girl who was found is safe and protective custody.

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