Tours extended for WWII-era Navy ship on display in Aurora

Source: Dearborn County Visitor's Center
Source: Dearborn County Visitor's Center

A World War II-era Navy ship that is on display in Aurora will be docked until Tuesday after the popularity of tours over the weekend.

LST-325 played an active part in the Battle of Normandy.

The ship was supposed to leave on Sunday, but around 10,000 visitors tour the ship over the weekend, far exceeding attendance expectations.

The wait to get on the ship was over two hours, and the line was several blocks long

The ship will now be open for public tours throughout the day on both Monday and Tuesday at Aurora Ferry Landing, located off SR 56 near the intersection of Third and Water streets.

Cost is $10 per person, $20 for immediate family groups and $8 a person for groups of 10 or more.

A large vessel once capable of carrying more than 20 Sherman tanks, the LST-325 is 50 feet wide, over a football field long, and weighs approximately 3,800 tons.

Originally launched in 1943, the LST (or Landing Ship Tank) made many trips between England and France ferrying troops, equipment, ammunition and supplies during the Second World War.  In later years, the ship continued to serve throughout the Cold War and was active in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, before retiring to its homeport of Evansville, Indiana.

For more information on the LST's visit to Aurora, call the Dearborn County Visitors Center at 800-322-8198 or log on to

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