Flooded residents beg for help; sewer and storm water backup persists

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Residents of one Colerain Township neighborhood are back home tonight after heavy rains forced storm water to flood, and sewers to back up into their homes.

Flooding has been a problem on Blanchetta Drive since the 1960's according to Assistant Township Administrator Frank Birkenhauer.

"I think that when you're located in a flood plain it's not a matter of "if" it's going to flood. It's "when" the next flood is going to occur," said Birkenhauer. "The erratic storms we've been having – we've been having 500 year storms every three to five years and when we get three inches of rain a very short period of time as we did last night, you're going to have some pretty severe consequences."

One man had to be rescued from his car and several others from their houses after floodwaters rose quickly Monday morning.

Some homeowners, desperate for dry houses, have called on the Metropolitan Sewer District to figure out a way to solve the flooding problem.

MSD and Township leaders say this may not be a battle they can win - trying to keep water out of a flood plain.  Hamilton County is working to secure grant money to buy out six more houses on Blanchetta Drive.

Twelve were bought out in the 90's.  Birkenhauer told FOX19 that if the houses come down, it might free up enough land that another alternative could be considered to help control the creek, and sewer system.

In the meantime, residents mop and sweep, and hope for dry weather.

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