Stop sign controversy in Westwood

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Residents who live near Epworth and Lischer in Westwood say it is time the city of Cincinnati listens to them and replaces a 2-way stop at the intersection with a full 4-way stop.

You Tube video of an accident last Saturday morning shows a pickup truck leaning up against Tom Minor's house, which sits on the corner. The two female occupants were not injured but debris from the wreck littered Minor's yard as the truck, still running, began emitting smoke.

"When I came out I smelled gasoline on the grass - saw smoke coming out of the truck, so, and its touching my house, said Minor.

Neighbors say it is the third accident to happen near the intersection in less than two months.

"We're not asking. We're not playing their little games anymore. We're demanding that a four way stop sign comes here and we give them (the city) to the end of the week or we'll erect our own signs," said resident Mary Kuhn.

In an email to the president of the Westwood Civic Association, Cincinnati Director of Transportation and Engineering Michael Moore said, "I have instructed traffic engineering to pursue the installation of the signs immediately."

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