Postal employees rally to save postal services

(FOX19) - Postal service employees held a "Day of Action" Tuesday to gather public support against a proposal to close some postal facilities.

More than 100 postal workers and their supporters held a rally at Cincinnati's Fountain Square in hopes of preventing the Dalton Avenue distribution center from being shut down.

"They're going to shut down the United States Postal Service...we still need our jobs," said postal worker George Brun. "The community still needs to be serviced with their mail and we need it, we need the United States Postal Service.  We deliver mail in any kind of weather...anywhere in the country...nobody else does that."

The Postal Service has been facing economic downfall in recent years with first class mail volume dropping each year.

Postal Service spokesman Victor Dubina says a study is being conducted to determine which postal facilities, if any, should be closed or combined with other facilities. Dubina says the postal service is concerned about jobs and insists layoffs are a last resort.

"Working with our unions...if that decision is in fact made we'll either find places at the gaining facility or other nearby offices where if people retire we don't fill those positions by hiring from the outside.  If its a position we want to keep we'll relocate someone," said Dubina.

Several Cincinnati city council members and Mayor Mark Mallory were also on hand and promised not to let the Dalton Avenue center close without a fight.  They asked the crowd to urge their members of congress to oppose the closing of postal facilities.

Nearly 600 postal workers and their supporters gathered at a city council hearing Monday to listen to Councilman Charlie Winburn speak against the possible closing of the Dalton Avenue Post Office. He said he would not let the facility close without a fight.

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