Fairfield businessman sentenced to 60-days in prison for fraud

Tom Burer (Source: Hamilton Journal)
Tom Burer (Source: Hamilton Journal)

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County judge sentenced a well-known Fairfield businessman to 60-days in jail for committing campaign report fraud.

Sixty-one year old Tom Burer plead guilty on September 7th to attempted tampering with a campaign finance report, after he secretly placed $28,000 to the campaign fund for a Fairfield School board member back in 2009.

Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser says Burer wanted a candidate that would support the non-bid contract his transportation company had with the Fairfield School District. That candidate was Sharon Ko who later stepped down from the school board.

"She could not continue on as an elected official based upon a corrupted election and falsified financial reports and money that came through this fraud that was perpetrated on the system," said Gmoser.

Gmoser says he hopes Burer's sentencing of two months in prison will restore some of the confidence people have with the political system.

"The public gets the point that there is somebody and a process by which and a court that will do justice and protect the political and electoral system," said Gmoser.

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