VIDEO: Dashcam footage shows Ohio high-speed chase, crash

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Ohio State Highway patrol released dashcam video of the last part of the high-speed police chase, and death of Brian Lipp on Saturday, Sept. 3.

Lipp was a suspect in the robbery of a north Toledo Rite Aid on Friday, August 19.

Law enforcement officers spotted Lipp Friday, Sept. 2 on Detroit Avenue and pursued him to Erie, Mich. where he crashed his car. Lipp abandoned the vehicle and officers searched for him for five hours before abandoning the search.

At around 9:15 a.m. Saturday Sept. 3, a man called into police saying he had seen someone who fit Lipp's description.

An officer confronted Lipp on foot near Detroit Avenue and East Alexis Avenue.

Lipp then pulled a gun on the officer who took cover behind her vehicle. Lipp was able to escape, but then the officer caught up to Lipp at the Barney Gas Station on Detroit Avenue and East Alexis Avenue where he was in the process of stealing a 2010 gray Honda Civic at gunpoint.

Lipp then took off in the stolen Civic and managed to lose police, but was spotted by another crew and pursued.

Lipp then proceeded to lead two police officers in a patrol car the wrong way up an exit ramp into oncoming traffic on I-75.

After about half a mile, the officers crashed into an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was killed. The two officers, David O'Brien, 49, and Jim Mawer, 57, were taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center where they are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

As of Sept. 28, both O'Brien and Mawer have been cleared by the Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre of any wrong doing in the case. O'Brien has returned to work on light duty, but Mawer remains off-duty. The police department declined to release information about either officer's injuries.

Soon after O'Brien and Mawer crashed into a driver on Sat. 3, another vehicle crashed into the patrol car and the crashed car. The two adults and two children in the second vehicle were taken to Toledo Hospital where they were treated and released.

About an 1/8th of a mile farther down the road, Lipp crashed into a vehicle containing a mother and her baby. They were taken to St. Vincent's medical center and Police Chief Mike Navarre said they were "going to be O. K."

Around 9:30 a.m. police lost Lipp.

At around 11:03 a.m. , Lipp stole another 2010 gray Honda civic in Rudolph, Ohio and used that car to rob a Walgreen's in Bowling Green at 1013 Main Street at around11:20 a.m.

Perrysburg city police officers then spotted him and the last pursuit began. Lipp led the officers back onto I-75 northbound toward Toledo.

Lipp tried to exit on the northbound Bancroft exit, but did not make it around the curve. The vehicle went up a hill, crashed into a chain link fence and then into another fence, finally hitting a garage where the vehicle turned on its side.

Police contained the perimeter and called for a negotiator. Lipp reportedly began smoking from a crack pipe.

Lipp then picked up his gun and pointed it at officers. Officers fired 40-50 rounds at Lipp killing him. A total of seven officers fired at Lipp. Three Toledo Police Department officers, three state highway patrol officers and one FBI agent.

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