Cincinnati State faculty return to work after weeklong strike

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati State faculty members ended their one-week strike on Friday.

Faculty members and students "took back the College" by entering the campus Main Building together.

"More than 90 percent of the full-time faculty honored the strike," said AAUP Chapter President Paul Davis. "While it's unfortunate that we were forced to take this action, the 'week without faculty' has demonstrated that Cincinnati State faculty and students are willing to speak up for what matters most—maintaining the quality of education provided by this College," said Davis.

"Students understand the concerns that forced faculty to strike, because they are the ones we assist every day in our classrooms, labs, and offices," Davis said. "Students know what quality education looks like, and they know when it is under attack."

"Faculty members look forward to resuming our duties," Davis said. "We also hope the College Board of Trustees and administration are interested in resuming good faith negotiations and exploring creative solutions for resolving our contract dispute."

Cincinnati State President Dr. O'dell Owens said he is glad that teachers are back in the classroom and wants to see a resolution.

The Cincinnati State AAUP strike was always planned to be a one-week action, in order to limit disruption, and allow students to complete their academic work for the term.

"College administrators have stated the strike is ending because faculty are concerned about losing their health insurance during a strike," Davis said. "That's absolutely false. Our plans for conducting a possible strike were in place long before the College administration started sending threatening letters to faculty members' homes about loss of health insurance."

The AAUP is disappointed that College administration persists in using misleading descriptions of the extent of the strike. Saying that "only 200 of 575 faculty chose to strike" is a distortion of the facts. The AAUP Chapter represents 200 full-time faculty, who are the only College employees allowed to participate in a legal strike this week, under Ohio law. More than 90% of the full-time faculty are honoring the strike.

"We respect and value the work of our part-time faculty colleagues, but they are not permitted to belong to a union, so the implication that they are refusing to strike is not correct. Many of our adjunct colleagues are very supportive of our concerns because they, like us, value the range of contributions that full-time faculty provide to the College."

"Throughout our attempts to negotiate a fair new contract, the Board and the administration have refused to acknowledge how much only 200 full-time faculty members contribute to the overall excellence of the Cincinnati State student experience," Davis said.

No additional negotiations are scheduled at this time.

"It's still important to us to find a way to work with the Board and the administration to arrive at fiscally responsible compromises that provide appropriate balance between time spent in the classroom, and the equally important interactions with our students outside the classroom," Davis said.

Faculty members went on strike last Friday, saying they weren't being paid for an increased workload.

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