New law that allows people to carry guns in bars goes into effect

(FOX19) - A new Ohio law that allows people with concealed-carry permits to take their guns into places where alcohol is served goes into effect Friday.

People with permits are allowed to carry those weapons as long as they don't drink alcohol while in the establishments.

Supporters of the law say this will allow people with permits to carry their guns into places that happen to serve alcohol.

Opponents to the law say that guns and alcohol don't mix. One of those people is owner of Rick's Tavern and Grill, Steve Minnielli.

"I'm not at one bit against baring arms, but inside an establishment that is serving alcohol, the two just aren't going to mix," said Minnielli.

Under the new law, every establishment can choose whether to allow guns inside. Minnielli has decided not to allow guns in his restaurant and believes other bar and restaurant owners will make the same decision.

"I would think that everyone would follow suit, I really would," said Minnielli. "Because it is just going to take that one time, just one guy, one girl pulling out their gun shooting it in the air and they are going to wonder what the world have we done."

On the flip side those who support the new law don't for see those types of problems.

"More people are making a mountain out of a mole hill for what it will be," said Gary Metcalf, owner of Gary's Guns in Fairfield.

Metcalf believes places that don't allow concealed guns will lose business.

"You've got a lot of gun owners out there male and female," said Metcalf. "A lot of people look for those signs and if they have the sign they'll go in and say something to the manager and turn around and walk out."

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