Bed bug battle tops town hall discussion

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - State Representatives Dale Mallory and Denise Driehaus held a district town hall meeting Thursday to meet with constituents and discuss the progress and solutions of bed bugs.

Officials say Cincinnati has one of the largest bed bug infestations in the nation and its an ongoing fight to find a solution. In 2008, the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Joint Bed Bug Task Force conducted a study on the bed bug problem. "Three years later, we're not doing so well," said Dr. Susan Smith with the task force.  Due to budget cuts within the Cincinnati Health Department, "There's no enforcement whatsoever. There's no going out and doing inspections," said Smith.

Experts say the best prevention method is to keep bed bugs out of your house all together by checking clothing when you come home from a public place. The bugs are so resilient, they say you can try over the counter remedies if you like but you're more like to find a solution to the problem by using a professional exterminator.

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