Scar Project comes to Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A photo exhibit opened in Cincinnati Thursday, but its not your typical collection of pictures.

It an exhibit features images of women who have survived breast cancer. The images are powerful and provocative.

The Scar project is the work of fashion photographer David Jay.  There are more than 20 images of women showing then scars of their surgery.

Joule Evans is a three year survivor of breast cancer and when she found out about the Scar Project she wanted to become part of it. She says its helped her to heal emotionally.

"'lm still in the process of figuring out what I'm doing after cancer...this has been the ride of my life working with these girls and getting to know all the scar project girls".

Vanessa Tiemeier says taking part in the project was a bold step that she had to take. " At first when I found out about it I was really intrigued and nervous, but I said you know what I have to...I have to show my scars, share my story....just kinda...I guess you say courageous, but didn't really think about it I think the world needs to see this".

When photographer David Jay launched the project five years ago he wasn't sure anyone would want to see these kinds of images....images he says are intended to raise awareness about young women with breast cancer. "Ultimately its not just about breast cancer...I think the message is perhaps one of compassion, love, humanity, understand and maybe opening a dialog for things that we don't want to speak about...things that we're afraid of".

The Scar Project is on exhibit through Sunday at the Art  Design Consultants Galler in the Edge Building at 310 Culvert street. Proceeds benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls, a support network for breast cancer survivors.