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Boy in hot water over Super Mario Brothers shirt


A local teen's obsession with Super Mario Brothers has landed him in some hot water at Rowe Middle School.

Hunter Hall, 13, says he was threatened with suspension after he wore a shirt with the message "will play for mushrooms" on it Wednesday.

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"I'm just a little sad," said Hunter. "It was my favorite shirt."

The official policy at Rowe Middle School is that students are not allowed to wear shirts that promote illegal activity.

"An example of a shirt promoting illegal activity is a student wearing a shirt with a beer can on it, or a marijuana leaf," said Rowe Middle School Principal Larry Becker. "If shirts are questionable though, it becomes up for discussion."

Hall, an avid gamer, says he's worn his favorite Mario shirt for years and when he looks at it he thinks nothing about drugs. He claims before this incident he didn't even know what illegal mushrooms are.

"When I look of this shirt, I think of little happy mushrooms that Mario eats to become stronger," said Hall.

Hunter says he was completely surprised Wednesday when two counselors at Rowe Middle School approached him in-between class to say his shirt was inappropriate. That's when he says they asked him to cover it up, or take it off.

"They were threatening me with suspension and detention if I kept wearing the shirt," said Hall. "My first reaction is sadness because I want to be a straight A student."

The North Clackamas School District says no one ever told Hall to change his shirt and he was never threatened with discipline. Staff members say they simply told Hall it was against school policy to wear clothing that endorses illegal activity.

"It's frustrating that the school is concentrating on a policy like this," said Hunter's father Joe Hall. "It's a shirt that has nothing to do with drugs or violence."

Hunter says he plans to retire his favorite shirt for now.  The school would not comment as to if or when he would be allowed to wear it again.

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