Baby alligator found at Hamilton wastewater treatment facility

Source: Arrowhead Reptile Rescue
Source: Arrowhead Reptile Rescue

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton officials are trying to figure out how a baby alligator ended up at the City of Hamilton Water Reclamation Division.

Plant employees said the alligator was found on Tuesday morning in a dumpster at the city's influent pumping station.

Employees speculated that the alligator was released into the sanitary sewer system, and got caught by the mechanized raking system, which removes inert debris and places it in a dumpster.

Workers contacted Arrowhead Reptile Rescue, who removed the alligator.

The baby gator was not hurt despite being covered in grease and oils.

Arrowhead volunteers checked the gator for tags and microchips, but none were found.

The alligator hatchling is approximately 12 inches long and less than a year old.

American alligators can live to be over 75 years old and grow larger than 12 feet in length.  Arrowhead Reptile Rescue rescues over a dozen pet alligators per year from owners who could not keep them, pets found loose due to illegal release into the wild, or confiscations where there are laws prohibiting ownership.

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