Popular Oakley restaurant moving to downtown Cincinnati

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Chef and Boca Restaurant Group CEO David Falk announced Friday that Boca restaurant, currently located in Oakley, will move to downtown Cincinnati.

Boca will open in its new location in the former Maisonette building at 114 East Sixth Street in 2012.

"We're excited about moving Boca downtown to the cultural epicenter of Cincinnati at the site of the legendary Maisonette restaurant," Falk said.

In addition to Boca, the new restaurant space will include a trattoria concept. This concept will serve authentic food that represents the culture of Italy.

"We are thrilled to be working with Boca Restaurant Group on this endeavor," said Steve Leeper, president and CEO of 3CDC, who is assisting Boca with financing of the project. "With their reputation of sophisticated, successful, family friendly restaurants, these once distinguished Cincinnati venues, that have been vacant for years, will come back to life."

Falk purchased Boca in October 2001, when it operated in Northside. In 2004, he moved Boca to its current location on Madison Road in Oakley.

In 2007, Falk's Boca Restaurant Group opened Nada, a Mexican restaurant at Sixth and Walnut Streets downtown that more than doubled the sales of previous restaurants in that location.

The new Boca and accompanying trattoria, together occupying 15,000 square feet, will be adjacent to Nada. Boca will be located in the former Maisonette space, while the trattoria will open in the former La Normandie.

"Just as Boca evolved when we moved from Northside to Oakley, it will evolve again," explained Falk. "Over the next year, we'll be using the current Boca restaurant as a test kitchen for our new recipes."

Boca will remain open in Oakley until it opens in the Maisonette space in Fall 2012. The trattoria is scheduled to open in conjunction with Boca.

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