Vevay officers injured in car accident

VEVAY, IN (FOX19) - Two officers are lucky to be alive after being hit by a car during a traffic stop in Vevay, Ind. It happened Monday afternoon near the intersection of Highway 56 and Maple.

Officer Pete Schonfeld was thrown 15-feet into a field after his cruiser was hit. He's now back home after being airlifted to University Hospital.

Vevay police chief James Richard's cruiser was also hit and he was treated and released with minor injuries.

Officer Deric Brown says the accident occurred while both cars were off to the side of the road.

"While they were conducting this traffic stop, a truck came along. It hit officer Schonfeld's car, it in turn threw him off into the ditch about 15 feet and then that car in turn hit the chief's car which in turn hit the car they had stopped. So we ended up with four vehicles in an accident," said Brown.

The two Vevay police cars are a total loss.

Charges against the driver are pending. Indiana State Police are investigating.

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