Issue 2 debate educates Liberty Twp. voters

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Issue 2 limits collective bargaining rights for Ohio's public workers. Opponents say the bill takes away the ability to negotiate staffing, and could put public safety at risk due to loss of firefighter and police jobs.

On the other side of the issue supporters say the bill balances the budget without raising taxes and empowers local governments.

Attorney Steve Lazarus represents several police and fire unions throughout Ohio. He says it's important for voters to see through the mis information the other side is putting out to the public.

"There is no meaningful collective bargaining process anymore," said Lazarus. "Which means one side the cities, counties, employers can impose their will and if budget's are tight there is a strong incentive to do what will save money."

At Monday night's debate in Liberty Township, Republican State Sen. Bill Coley spoke for those in favor of issue two.

"Issue 2 is about making sure all employees pay 10 percent of their retirement, all employees pay at least 15 percent of their health insurance, and public employees should make sure their quality of work counts just like it does in the private sector," said Coley.

Senator Coley says issue 2 doesn't eliminate collective bargaining, instead it gives voters more control of how their money is spent.

"Issue 2 will make the voters have the final say to what is fair and unfair," said Coley.