Family members killed in Laurel massacre laid to rest

CONNERSVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Family and friends of the Napier family gathered in Connersville Monday to honor the lives of four of the victims killed at a home on Stipps Hill Road.

"The entire community has been affected by these loses," shared James Todd, Director of the Todd Funeral Center.

One by one Monday the caskets of Roy Napier, 50, Angela Napier, 47, Melissa Napier, 23, and Jacob Napier, 18, were carried out of the church as family and friends stood watching the procession.

"It's a quiet, close-knit, rural area," Todd explained. "For such tragedy to come into their area is just, it was unexpected."

The tragedy took so many lives the funeral home did not have enough hearses. They say neighboring funeral homes donated theirs. Todd says the entire service was an outpouring of support.

"This church has donated their facility," he said. "The funeral directors have donated their hearses and their labor, and the cemetery has donated graves, and the grave digger."

"It's been tremendous support," echoed Krista Richardson.

Richardson was among those in mourning, a first cousin of Angela Napier she says she had just reconnected with the family in recent months over the internet.

"It's nice to see family I haven't seen in so long but under the circumstances it's sad why we're all together," she said.

The family was laid to rest at a cemetery on Stipps Hill Road.

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