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Rev. Shuttlesworth career highlights


  • JUNE 5, 1956 Founded the Alabama Christian Movement on Human Rights
  • DECEMBER 25, 1956   Home was bombed and his ability to survive that attack convinced his followers to say that "GOD SAVED HIM FOR A REASON."
  • FEBRUARY 14, 1957  Participates in co-founding the Southern Christian Leadership Conference along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Ralph David Abernathy during a meeting in New Orleans. 
  • AUGUST 22, 1957  Petitions the Birmingham Board of Education to enroll his daughters Pat and Ricky at the all-white Phillips High School.  On SEPTEMBER 9 he is beaten by an angry white mob outside the high school as he tried to enroll his daughters. That same day, President Dwight Eisenhower  signs the 1957 Civil Rights Act into law.
  • JUNE 29, 1958  Bethel Baptist Church bombed for the second time
  • APRIL 24, 1958  Writes a fiery letter to Dr. Martin Luther King to increase his pressure on segregationist forces, especially in Birmingham
  • MARCH 13, 1961  CBS airs "Who Speaks for Birmingham," a news documentary in which reporter Howard K. Smith calls Reverend Shuttlesworth "the man most feared by southern racists and the voice of the new militancy among Birmingham Negroes."
  • MAY 14-19, 1961 Involved in aiding the Freedom Rides in Alabama 
  • JUNE, 1961  Leaves Birmingham to begin pastoring the larger Revelation Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, but continues to be active with Dr. King in the movement in Birmingham through the 1960's
  • SEPTEMBER 17, 1963  Speaks at the funeral of Carole Robertson, one of the four girls killed in the bombing of Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church
  • 2000 The Greater Cincinnati Area Chamber of Commerce named him a "Great Living Cincinnatian."  The following year, President Bill Clinton awarded him the President's Citizen Medal.
  • JULY, 2008 The Birmingham Airport Authority renames the city's airport the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.

Source: Willie Chriesman, Chriesman & Associates/Devonwood Media

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