Miami students anxious for Ides of March premiere


Miami University is rolling out the red carpet for the midnight premiere of the Ides of March staring George Clooney. Nearly 200 Miami students were featured as extras in the film, and many of them are anxious to see if they made the cut.
"People from all over will hear about Oxford and they get to see the University, and it's just really cool for us," said Alex Morrison, who was an extra in the movie.
Students like Morrison will be watching closely to catch themselves in the movie -- she was an extra in one of the first scenes at Hall Auditorium.
"They say they're focusing on a few faces, so you never know if it's going to be yours or not, and what kind of expression you'll have," Morrison said.
And the University is more than just a backdrop for the movie, it's mentioned by name, and you'll even see actors wearing Miami gear.
"In the first five minutes of the movie they'll see on the inside of Hall Auditorium, they'll see the outside of the Farmer School of Business, they'll hear them mention Miami University, and the crew bought Miami University mugs and napkins so you'll have to look closely, but maybe that's in there too," said Claire Wagner of Miami University.
"Now that the premiere is coming, its been a little bit of a buzz again," said Junior Miranda Blais.
Blais is also anticipating her small stint in the movie, but she's not getting her hopes up just yet.
"I don't have any expectations because I might not even see myself, but if I do it'll be fun," Blais said.
The last major motion picture that Miami University was featured in was "Little Man Tate," starring Jodi Foster in 1991. 
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