Cincinnati Police Chief proposes shorter work week for officers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig introduced a new pilot program to help cut back on the amount of overtime for officers. The chief outlined the plan Thursday morning to change the work week to four ten-hour days, giving officers three days off after working forty hours.

The pilot program would start with officers in District Three and District Five and so far it's being well received.

A Cincinnati police officer currently works six days in a row with two days off, but Chief Craig wants to see how officers do working ten hour days, four times a week, giving officers three days off.

"It's certainly a morale booster for the men and women who work in uniform but secondly it can be a more efficient way of policing," said Chief Craig.

Police officers in East Price Hill, where District Three is based, say they are ecstatic about the change because it gives them more time to spend with family.

Sgt. Sal Tufano says, "The benefit is going to be the extra days off but there may be some assignments or times when it's not beneficial for the department."

The pilot program has been reviewed and approved by city management and the union. It will run for three months giving the department time to evaluate any failures and make adjustments.

Working ten hour days will also cut back on the amount of overtime officers clock every week.

"I believe we can save a substantial amount of money over time, in a very short period of time," said Chief Craig.

And based on the overlap of shifts, Chief Craig believes it could put more officers on the street at once.

There is no confirmed date to start the new schedule but Chief Craig says he wants to launch it by the end of October.

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