Clooney movie fails to credit Ohio

CINCINNATI (AP) - The fictional Ohio primary candidate in George Clooney's new movie probably wouldn't give Michigan credit and overlook the Buckeye State.

But that's what the film itself does.

The closing credits for "Ides of March" say it was "filmed on location in Michigan," though it's also loaded with familiar Cincinnati-area locales, including Miami and Xavier universities and Fountain Square.

Producer Grant Heslov calls the omission of Ohio a mistake "that slipped through the cracks."

Kristen Erwin with the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Film Commission agrees that the omission was merely a mistake.

"Knowing George, he is a home town guy and knowing how much passion and love for this city he has, I knew it was a mistake," said Erwin. "I hate to see that mistake overshadow the excitement around this film."

He says it will be corrected for home entertainment versions.

In the film, Cincinnati-area native Clooney plays a presidential candidate involved in a drama on the eve of the Ohio Democratic primary.

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