Police investigating shots fired at University of Cincinnati students

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX 19) - University of Cincinnati Police say that four students were shot at early Sunday morning at a University of Cincinnati garage.

According to police, at around 3:30 am Sunday, four students were in a car in Calhoun Garage when they saw a white Lexus driving down the ramp from Calhoun Street and stopping outside the gate arm. A man then got out of the car and fired four shots at the students. The man then got back in the Lexus, and drove towards Calhoun Street.

None of the students were hit.

The suspect was described by police as a college-age male black in a white T-shirt with a tattoo of two teardrops under his eye.

The students involved in the incident say they do not know who the shooter was or why they were targeted and police have questions as well. "When we processed the crime scene this morning we recovered the shell casings and we did also recover two baggies with what appears to be marijuana and cocaine in them," said UC Assistant Police Chief, Capt. Jeff Corcoran.

Reaction from students about the shooting was that of concern. Sophomore Anna Zmood said, "I actually park in the Calhoun Garage and I lived in the Calhoun dorms last year. I know at night when I came back to campus from work I definitely had a friend come out to the garage and walk back with me because I didn't want to walk at night." Freshman Tim Sause said, "Just to see something that violent happen so close to where I park basically brings to mind that some things happen on campus that aren't that safe."

If you have any information about this incident, please call CrimeStoppers at (513) 352-3040, or University of Cincinnati Police at (513) 556-1111.

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