Occupy Cincinnati movement enters day 3 in Garfield Park

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Occupy Cincinnati movement goes into its third day. Sunday night 74 supporters stood in Cincinnati's Garfield Park.

One of the occupation activist explained, "We are here to demand a democracy of people, not run by corporations; Garfield Park as Cincinnati's first public park, it is where we are choosing to reclaim out place in this democracy."

The supporters are a very diverse group of people they include workers, students, retirees, employed, unemployed, union members all who are fed up and demand a change.

Occupier Erick Crew says, "We continue to occupy Cincinnati in order to protest corporate economic powers' hold on the political process. We stand alongside, and for the 99% who want the government to work for them rather than the dollar."

At around 11 p.m. protestors were told to leave the park. Anyone who did not leave would be cited and fined. 22 occupiers stayed and received citations. Police gave the occupiers citations which included chargers and $105 fine (for a total of $2310).

There are nine tents and 22 occupants at Garfield Park.

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