Occupy Cincinnati in fourth day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Occupy Cincinnati movement is now in its fourth day.

About two dozen people are camping out at Piatt Park at the intersection of Vine Street and Garfield Place.

Police ticketed the group at around 11 p.m. Monday night, an hour after the park closed. Citations that come with $105 fines were given to roughly the same number Sunday night.

But protestors say they'll continue camping out and fight their fines.

The park closes at 10 p.m., and the city requires a permit to stay beyond that time. The protesters have asked to be allowed to stay around the clock until the end of the year, but parks Director Willie Carden says the city won't issue that type of permit.

The group has been camping out ever since the "Occupy Cincinnati" rally on Saturday. Hundreds of people attended the protest.

Occupy Cincinnati grew out of Occupy Wall Street, which has been taking place since mid-September. Those participating in the protests believe that 1 percent of the country's population has amassed 99 percent of its wealth.

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